Travel Dongle

Travel Dongle


Would you like to use Generations® Software on more than one computer?

Would you like to have an extra Dongle for going to classes/events - or even having one at home and one at work?

The Generations® Travel Dongle is the answer!

We have been contacted countless times regarding using Generations software on multiple computers, traveling to classes/events, having one at home/one at work, or one for the laptop and one for the desktop.

Finally, we have found a way for you to do this without having to purchase another complete Generations software system. Now, your travel dongle can be acquired for $799 so that you can use two Generations systems independently.

Imagine that, the flexibility of running two systems at the same time or in different places - WOW!

Futhermore both security dongles are automatically protected with our acclaimed Generations® Dongle Protection Program - which protects your dongle(s) against loss, damage, or even theft - for life! 

This dongle protection coverage is only offered at the time of purchase for $299 and is included in Travel Dongle package price of $799 and the policy covers both your original dongle as well as the new Travel dongle. Isn't that the best offer in the industry?

Generations does it again!


Save big on the Travel Dongle &
Dongle Protection Bundle

  MSRP: $799

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