Before you complete this form....

This software activation page is only for requesting new KEY files for Generations Dongles when:

  • You have purchased a New Generations System and are requesting your KEY activation code for the first time. 
  • You have recently received a replacement dongle and need a final activation KEY code. 
  • You are receiving the message that your Dongle Key file has expired for the main Generations Dongle.

If you are receiving an error message or cannot open your Generations Software, please review our Support FAQ section or contact technical support.   



If you have purchased your Generations Software system from a Generations dealer, please contact your dealer for your activation code.

Dongle Activation/ Renewal Requests are not immediate. Dongle activations are custom made for each dongle and therefore are processed M-F 9:00am-6:00pm CNT. Requests submitted prior to 2:00pm CNT will be processed that business day. Requests after 2:00pm will be processed the following business day.


If you have purchased your Generations Software System from a dealer, please contact your dealer to obtain your activation code.  If you have purchased your Generations Software System from our website, please complete the form below. 

After completing this form Generations we will send your dongle activation to the email address listed on the form.  Our Activation emails have a specialized file attached that is specific to YOUR dongle. These cannot be used or applied to any other dongles.

If you are receiving your activation code from the dealer, the dealer will simply forward this activation to you via email rather than having you come into the store. We want you to be aware that some personal email systems consider these Activation emails to be potentially dangerous although it is not. This may cause the email to be put it into your junk/spam folder. Once you have confirmed with your dealership that the email has been sent to you, please be sure to check those folders for your activation as well if you do not see it in you inbox.

All Authentic Generations Activation emails contain step by step installation instructions. Please read them carefully. If you have your activation and need assistance please call either your dealer or our technical support. 


How to Activate Your Software

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