PhotoStitch Plus

With Generations PhotoStitch+ photo embroidery software module you can transform your digital or scanned photos into embroidery designs easily and automatically. PhotoStitch+ comes included in the Generations Plus Suite of software or can be bought as a stand alone program.

Many users enjoy taking their one-of-a-kind photos into totally unique embroidered designs using images such as cars, nature, houses, animals and flowers.

While the program can totally create designs automatically, users have the power to manually change part of the automation. PhotoStitch+ has the following 5 different coloring processes when turning the image into an embroidery design.


EmbossOneTurns the photo into a grid
Photo RandomOneScribbles the photo
Tapestry4 LayersChange pixel size
Cross Stitch16Control cross stitch size
Photo Pro-RegularHundredsMost realistic rendering



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