FreePunch Plus

FreePunch PlusFreePunch+ is a stand-alone manual punching or digitizing program from Generations™ Software for those that want complete control when digitizing.

FreePunch+ is part of the Generations™ Modular Digitizing System allowing you to add more features as desired through additional modules such as: Lettering+, Monograms+, FreePunch+, Editing+ ?and Fills+.

Use the Advanced Manual Punching tools in Generations™ FreePunch+ to create embroidery using images as a background or by freehand punching and edit your areas or lines if needed.

Generations FreePunch+ Key Features:

  • FreePunch+ allows BMP, WMF, EMF, JPG, JPEG, GIF, TIF & PNG images to be used as backgrounds for punching.
  • Insert Scanned images directly into the program.
  • Use the Magic Wand to automatically create basic areas and free up your time to create more complex or shaded areas.
  • Create freehand areas or lines, Circles, Ellipses, Squares or Rectangles with easy to use punching tools.
  • Create perfect arcs, curves or waves using the perfect arc tool.
  • Input straight or curved points without changing tools.
  • Change fill type and patterns using one of the 6 fill types, including Spiral fills, Motif fills, Radial fills, and Cross Stitch.
  • Automatically create outlines using one of the 7 line or outline styles, including Motif, Cross stitch, & Satin pattern lines.
  • Control Underlay, Tie In & Out stitches, and Stitch Lengths
  • Control compensations with 3 settings, Standard, Overlap and Cross compensation.
  • Edit satin or filled areas with the advanced, user-friendly editing tools.
  • Control Satin stitching direction and edit corners or points for perfect stitching every time!
  • Reshape a line or area with adjustment tools. Line, Arc, Freehand, Node-Point Editing Stitch-Point Editing.
  • Create and Fill Voids or Holes.
  • Group, Ungroup, Rotate, Flip, Sew, Align, Cut, Copy, Paste and more!

Fills and Lines for Embroidery  

Unlimited Fill & Line patterns


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