We Love Embroidery

If you love to work with machine embroidery, then you're our kind of person. We are one of the oldest and most respected companies in the embroidery industry. Our love for embroidery started in 1955 as a family owned business and grew into an international commercial and home embroidery business.

Three generations ago, our commitment to the sewing/embroidery trade began in Saint Louis, Mo. and has since evolved as the industry has evolved. Becoming principally involved with computerized embroidery machines back in the late 1970’s, we developed the first automatic functioning digitizing system in the early 1980’s.

A New Generation

Today we bring you Generations Automatic Digitizing Systems - the most advanced digitizing system available to the commercial and home embroidery market. 

Generations Software Systems are built on our long history of industry-leading innovation such as our patented automatic stitch processing, modular add-on features and intuitive "user-friendly" program interface. 

After all, what good is powerful software if you don't enjoy using it?

In 2014 we added another layer to our embroidery software products adding B. Studio Designs professionally digitized embroidery sets.  

Generations Embroidery Software

A Division of Notcina Corporation

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