Editing Plus

Embroidery Editing ComputerEditing+ is an Add-On program for the Generations™ Modular Digitizing System which gives each module more editing functions and power.

You can add Editing+ to modules such as: Lettering+, Monograms+, FreePunch+ and QuickStitch+.

Advanced editing tools allow you to edit or alter lettering or designs any way you desire with carving, aligning, merging and other powerful tools.

Editing+ also contains a design stitch processor so that you can accurately resize designs with stitch?density adjustment, and maintain all original fill patterns or lines.

Embroidery Editing Line

Generations Embroidery Software Editing+

  • Editing+ adds powerful editing tools to your existing modular system allowing you to create professional quality designs.
  • Divide Lines or Areas with straight lines or curved lines. You can even divide multiple areas or lines at one time.
  • Merge or join Lines or Areas together.
  • Fill multiple voids or holes in your design at one time, rather than one by one.
  • Create voids or holes using squares, rectangles, circles, ovals and freehand shapes.
  • Edit Corners on satin filled areas.
  • Node-Point Editing or Stitch Point editing.
  • Move individual or multiple stitches.
  • Delete individual or multiple stitches.
  • Adjust areas or lines with quick editing tools such as:
    Arc, Line or Freehand shape.
  • Reshape with designs or lettering with 27 shapes.
  • Cut, Copy, Paste, Rotate, Slant, Flip and Align designs.
  • Align multiple areas, lines or designs with spacing and layout path options using the "Super Align" tool.
  • Change satin area outlines into running outlines or one of the line options available in your modular software.
  • Change lines and outlines into area or area outlines.
    Editing+ adds all the great editing tools to your Modular System that can be found in the full Generations™ digitizing system

To learn more about Generations™ software products, Contact Generations to receive a free demo CD.

Holes and Shapes Embroidery Editing Software

Create voids or holes using shapes or freehand shapes.
Fill voids one at a time or all at once.

Cut Quilty Embroidery Editing Software

Slice areas or lines with divising tools.

Super Align Embroidery Editing Software

Align multiple items using Super Align and space each piece as desired.



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