Dongle Protection Policy Request

This page is only for those that have purchased the Dongle Protection Policy or have a Dongle Protection Policy through their Travel Dongle/Protection Bundle

If you have purchased our Dongle Protection Policy, or have purchased the Travel Dongle/Protection Bundle and your dongle has been damaged, lost or stolen, please complete the form below to request a replacement. 

If your dongle is not working properly, please visit our Support FAQs before requesting a replacement. 

DPP - Dongle Replacement Request


    If the Dongle has been Lost or Stolen, under the limits of the Dongle Protection Policy, Generations will replace the Dongle and fulfill the terms of the policy. The protection policy is considered fulfilled and ends upon replacement. 

    To protect your replacement dongle for lost of stolen dongle, please CLICK HERE to purchase a new Dongle Protection Policy

    If the Dongle has been broken and dongle pieces can be returned to Notcina Corporation, the Dongle will be replaced under the terms of the policy and the Dongle Protection Policy will remain in effect for the replacement dongle. 

    Please Note: Dongle protection policies are only valid for the original purchaser. They may not be transferred to another. 

  • (mm/dd/yyyy)
  • Please indicate if you have purchased a Dongle Protection Policy below. If you have purchased a Travel Dongle, you automatically have a Protection Policy. If you are not sure if you have a policy, please note that option and our support staff can research your account information. 

  • Please select the reason you are requesting a replacement dongle below. 

  • If your dongle undamaged and is not working please check the Support FAQ Page to see if one of the solutions listed there will resolve the issue. 


    Please complete the questions below. All Dongle requests are submitted to Technical Support. When our technical support staff contacts you, please be prepared to provide the information requested and to work with our support tech via phone and/or a remote computer connection. 

  • EmailPhone
  • 9:00 am to Noon CSTNoon to 5:00 pm CST
  • Please select the option(s) that best fit what happened prior to the dongle error(s) and some basic information about your computer and computer operating system. 

  • I recently upgraded my computer operating systemI recently installed Generation on a new computerI recently reinstalled Generations from the original install CDI recently installed a Generations Update from the Generations WebsiteI installed the PLUS64 upgrade from CDI In stalled the Home or Pro 2.0 upgrade from CDI purchased a used Generations program and attempted to install from the CDDongle Lost, Stolen or Broken - Not Error Messages
  • By clicking on the submit button you agree that, all information provided is accurate, you are the owner of the Dongle Protection Policy. You also authorize Notcina Corporation and Generations Software to execute the provisions in your Dongle Protection Policy. 


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