Building Block Design Sets

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The Building Block function is a fun and very unique feature found in Generations Software Systems. These design elements are special files created just for for Generations and have unlimited editing, resizing and layout capabilities. Just imagine what you can create with no limits!

With the Power of Generations ... Anything is Possible!

Similar to our childhood toys, the building block feature in Generations allows for creation of unique design layouts.

Just drag and drop the building block element into the Generations work area. Use the element alone or combined with lettering or other design elements.

Combine Building Blocks

Building Block Borders

Create stunning borders with the continuous input option. Use the continuous and drag and drop options together and let your imagination run wild. 

Each Building Block is designed for full editing and combining, so there are no limits to what you can create!

And - you can save edited or created building blocks to use them anytime you like!


What could be better than Generations Building Blocks & Madeira Thread!

Check out the new Building Blocks with color-matched Madeira Polyneon Thread kits. Each Mini Snap Cone contains 1,100 yards of 100% polyester Polyneon #40, known for its strength, outstanding shine, and ability to hold up to wash water that contains bleach.






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