Contact Technical Support

Please review our FAQ's prior to contacting support. In most cases you can find quick resolutions to your support needs in the FAQ section.

Remember, your first line of help for Generations digitizing program will always be your authorized Generations dealer.  

If you are looking for education support for your Generations program you can locate educational materials in the Projects and Lessons section of our website or watch short tutorials in our Video Lessons section. 


 Technical Support Request:

  • You will need to provide information to our technical support staff in order to receive timely support. Please make sure that you have your Generations USB Dongle Serial Number and your particular computer information available.

    If you need help locating your computer information, please CLICK HERE.  


  • (mm/dd/yyyy)
  • The Dongle Serial number can be located on the side of the dongle and will start with a G: or M:

  • Need Help locating your computer information: CLICK HERE

  • Please check the Generations Version you have installed on your computer. To verify the version, go to HELP

    If you recently installed or reinstalled from a CD and cannot open your program, please check the version
    number listed on the install CD. 

  • Dongle Error Message on Install - Please list the error message in the Decsription boxProgram will not open and gives no error messageDongle Error Message with opening the program - Please list the error message in the Description BoxProgram is slow to operate on the computerI am receiving random Dongle Not Found messagesI have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times and am experiencing problemsI have a new computer and am experiencing problems installing the program from a CDI have a new computer without a CD or DVD Drive and need a download linkI am receiving a dongle expired error messageImages and screen are turning black when I digitize - SEE OUR SUPPORT FAQsI had a computer virus, malware, adware or other computer issues and the program will no openI have a Brother or Babylock machine and I cannot write to the machine - SEE OUR SUPPORT FAQsI upgraded to Windows 10 and the computer will no longer openI need design creation help - PLEASE SEE THE CREATIVE CORNER FOR LESSONS & VIDEOSOther Problem Not Listed here - Please describe the problem below
  • NoYes
  • Please note that if you have a Travel Dongle, you also have a Dongle Protection Program for both the Full
    Generations Dongle and the Travel Dongle. 

  • NoYes
  • Not SureYesNo
  • What is Dongle Protection? Click Here

  • Our support department generally responds to a support request within 24-hours during normal operating times.
    All support requests are responded to in the order they are received. 

    Please note that our support department is open Monday - Friday from 9:00am - 5:00pm Central Time. 






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