Build & Edit V2.0

Save over $200.00 MSRP $499.00 - ONLY $399.00


With the Power of Generations...

Anything is Possible! The Build & Edit System allows you to use the full library of Building Block designs from Generations and .GEN format files. 

Size, Edit, Combine and Create using any of the 430+ pre-loaded designs and design elements. CLICK HERE TO SEE DESIGNS

Expand your creativity and the Generations Build & Edit system with new Building Block Designer Series sets from our ever-growing Building Block library.

Add digitizing functions and features by adding more Generations Modules. 


Combine Building Blocks

CLICK HERE to see included designs


Just Drag And Drop Designs

You can use the included building block designs individually or combine them to create your own unique design. Just Drag and Drop the files anywhere you desire!

Add a fabric background and preview the design in life-like 3D view. 

When you're done creating your masterpiece just  export it to your embroidery machine format and stitch away!

Create Stunning Borders

Use the continuous input option and create stunning border designs in a flash! 

With a click of the mouse you can flip the design file, move the design to any position or click and move the mouse to rotate the design. 

Use the Super Align Array Tool to create fantastic frames, borders and more! The creative options are endless. 

And - you can save edited designs to use again  - anytime you desire!



Super Align Anywhere!

Use the Super Align Array tool to place design elements anyway and anywhere you desire. 

Just select the designs you want to place and click. All items are arranged in a flash - no more moving pieces one-by-one. 

What Else Can You Do with The Building Block Module?

  • 430+ Design Elements included CLICK HERE TO SEE A SAMPLE
  • Open .GEN format files from our Website or your favorite designers - Then edit away!
  • Combine Designs and Building Block Designs to form unique creations - then save them as a new Building Block for future use. 
  • Expand your building block program by adding new Building Block sets from Generations and some of your favorite designers.
  • Size the the .GEN format designs and Building Block designs and automatically adjust the design density for perfect stitches every time. 
  • Place designs on a, circle, line, arc or even an existing outline.
  • Use kerning nodes to space designs - with complete control!
  • Change design colors with a click. 
  • Remove overlapping or unwanted areas with easy to use editing tools. 
  • Fill multiple voids or holes in your design at one time, rather than one by one.
  • Create voids or holes using squares, rectangles, circles, ovals and freehand shapes.
  • Edit Corners on satin filled areas for perfect corners every time!
  • Edit and Control the direction of satin stitches easily. 
  • Node-Point Editing or Stitch Point editing.
  • Move individual or multiple stitches.
  • Delete individual or multiple stitches.
  • Insert new stitches into an area or line.
  • Adjust areas or lines with quick editing tools such as: Arc, Line or Freehand shape.
  • Cut, Copy, Paste, Rotate, Slant, Flip and Align designs.
  • Align multiple areas, lines or designs with spacing and layout path options using the "Super Align - Array" tool.
  • Change fill and line types on any Building Block or .GEN design format file. 
  • Add outlines or borders in the same color or a highlight color area. 
  • Convert lines into areas or convert areas into lines. 

    Add more digitizing and design functions at any time!

  • Expand your system by adding Lettering or Monogramming modules.
  • Upgrade to the full Generations Digitizing System at any time without losing your investment. 



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