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3-D Embroidery Technique Class

November 26, 2011

To download / save the webinar:

  1. Left Click the Download Now button.
  2. Save the File to your hard drive. Please note where you have saved the file.
  3. Once downloaded/saved, close all windows.
  4. Open Windows Explorer and Navigate to the location where the saved file is stored.
  5. This is a zipped file, you will need to unzip the file using an unzipping utility.
  6. From the unzipped file - it will now be a WMV file (windows media video). You can play these files with Windows Media Player - if you would like to download this program, click here.



Building Block Class
October 29, 2010

Using Building Blocks in Generations

This hour long class covers the basics of the building block toolbar as well as showcasing our newest plugins for this toolbar. Understand how to use the building block in their basic form as well as using them in all different types of designs.

(Approximately 123 MB - 1:06:37)

4th of July Webinar
June 29, 2009

The 4th of July Generations Webinar is a 6 part series. This is a recorded Webinar where listeners questions are addressed and answered in the recorded videos.


Part I - Artwork Download

Upload a scanned image. Even if it is not a clean image, Generations Software will recognize it.

(Approximately 26 MB - 9:47)

Part II - Choosing and Changing Colors

Learn how to easily change colors with Generations automation. And when to put in your outlines.

(Approximately 25 MB - 9:18)

Part III - Change Your Design, Stitches and Add Text

Even after your design is complete, you can change any design or stitch elements manually or automatically. And with True Type fonts you can easily add text in creative fonts.

(Approximately 27 MB - 9:59)

Part IV - Move and Align Text

Easily change the placement and spacing of your text in a few clicks. Stretch, arc or adjust text around your design.

(Approximately 22 MB - 7:24)

Part V - Create New Stitch Patterns

Learn how to create new stitch patterns in different design windows and un-group letters to move each one individually.


(Approximately 24 MB - 8:20)

Part VI - Choosing a Hoop and Create Properties Document

Andrea goes through how to turn on and choose a hoop. And how to create a document that lists your design properties such as stitch count, color changes, design size and more!

(Approximately 28 MB - 9:59)

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