Windows Hibernation Mode Could Harm Dongle

There is a setting known as Hibernation mode on windows computers. Hibernation mode puts your computer in a state of partial shut down (almost all the way down). We have found that hibernation mode can break the dongle electronically. The reason that hibernation mode can harm your dongle is because when Generations is running it is constantly accessing the dongle. When your computer goes into hibernation mode it interrupts the communication between Generations and the dongle. When the computer wakes up (coming out of Hibernation), Generations will do an immediate access to the dongle which may occur simultaneously with electrical power being restored to the USB ports. This can result in a power surge in the dongle that will "break" it internally. This will result in a message saying either 'Your Dongle is broken, please contact your dealer' or 'Dongle Accessing Error, please contact your dealer'.

The easiest way to prevent your dongle from breaking in this fashion is to disable hibernate mode. Letting your computer go into standby mode does not cause a problem with the dongle and is a suitable replacement. If you do not want to disable hibernate mode you must be sure to close Generations before you plan on walking away from your computer. Otherwise you are taking a chance at breaking your dongle. If you have any questions about the hibernate issue or need help with disabling hibernation, please contact tech support.

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