Vista Work Around

Dear Generations Customers;

Currently Generations (version 1.5.2) is NOT 100% compatible with the Vista operating system. The program will run on Windows Vista 32 bit operating system but it will encounter occasional problems. Some of the problems you encounter may be due to Two Core processors which are readily available with the purchase of a new computer. There is a work around available to reduce the freezing and crashing caused by the two core processors by clicking here. For other issues with Generations and Vista , please contact tech support via this link or by calling 636-724-5800.

The version of the Dongle Driver on Generations 1.4 (or earlier) will not work with the Vista Operating systems. Always use the latest version of Generations available on our web site.

Generations (all versions) are not compatible with any 64 bit operating systems and will not install / run on such an operating system. That's not a problem, since 99% (or higher) of home and small business computers have a Microsoft 32 bit operating system. Microsoft's 64 bit Operating System is not readily available at Computer outlets such as Best Buy, Circuit City , etc. Generally, they must be special ordered.

Don't confuse the AMD 64 processor family (from AMD) with Microsoft's 64 bit Operating system. Operating systems and Processors are two different things all together. The AMD 64 processor has a 32 bit processor subset that works great with 32 bit Operating systems and programs. Don't let it confuse you.

We are currently working on an update to Generations that will make it fully compatible with Windows Vista. When that update is finished it will be posted on the website in the Updates section for customers to download (SAVE).

There have been some discussions about the older dongles and the 64 bit processors (with 32 bit subsets) floating around (including this site) that may not be entirely accurate. If you think you're having a problem with the dongle, contact Tech Support (635-724-5800) to get it checked out.

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