Some Very Exciting Changes

Dear Generations Software Owners,
Over the last 9 months you may have noticed some very good changes to the Generations Website, Facebook Page and Newsletters. On the Website and Facebook page, we have posted new video lessons, notices and run a few contests. On the Website we have created new FAQ pages, one for support and one with "How To" videos. If you have been attending sewing events, we have also been at several events in 2014-2015 and will continue to attend events in the USA. You can see our event schedule posted on the Events Page of the website. 
We also encourage you to visit our support pages and to contact our Technical Support Staff with any questions you have so that you receive accurate and correct answers directly from our staff.  Our response time during the week is less than 12 hours on emails or phone calls. Over the weekend, our response time may be slightly longer. If you have sent an email to us through our system and have not received a response, please check your SPAM or JUNK folders for our response.  We use an online form system and every contact is entered in to a database to ensure that we are able to respond to all support requests in the event of e-mail failure. 

Contacting Generations directly or visiting our website will keep you up to date on the latest support items.  For example: Did you know there is a simple solution to the 64-bit "black" image issue? That solution is posted in our FAQ Support section along with many other items pertaining to basic support. A link to our support email form is also clearly listed on the page and side menu.  

Did you know that we also offer monthly Webinar Workshops? We began the workshops at the beginning of the year and are now taking signups for the second webinar workshop series which begins this month.  

Which brings us to the main point and one that you may already guessed:
We are entering into a very exciting time for Generations Software Systems - and I mean exciting!
Generations is moving forward and working on a much needed update for our Plus and Plus 64 software owners - as well as developing new features, functions and options for the Generations Software Systems. We're designing things that will move the software forward on new technology and operating systems. You're going to love the changes we have planned for making Generations Automatic Digitizing bigger and better than before. Unfortunately, we cannot make these much needed changes on the original system.

The recent announcement to discontinue support on the original Generations Automatic Digitizing system was one that was difficult to make. We tried to find solution, but it comes down to this: The original system was build on a Windows XP system over 15 years ago and is no longer expandable. Through the years we have patched it, and tried to make that version more operational on newer computers and platforms. But -  just like any other computer program, at some point the only answer is to upgrade the software. Without that the system just cannot operate on new computer or new platforms well.  
Generations software has provided free updates for 12 years on the original system and will continue to provide support for Dongle Drivers and the Dongle Protection Policies. We are not abandoning our original software owners. They will have access to the last update, V1.6.0 build 2438. We just will not be able to force your system work on new platforms or more tablet based computer systems, which is where the computer industry is heading. 
Generations has been one of the least expensive systems to upgrade and has charged a very small fee for upgrades only twice in 15 years- that's a pretty good track record. This month Generations is offering $100 of on the upgrade systems to help further reduce the cost for our software owners. We hope that everyone of you will upgrade and choose to continue on this very exciting journey towards the new, faster, better and easier to use Generations Automatic Digitizing system. 

Bernadette Griffith 
Product Manager, Software Division
Generations Embroidery Systems
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