To Our Australian Customers

To Generations Software Owners Who Purchased from Echidna Sewing Products

If you purchased the Generations Automatic Digitizing Software system from Echidna Sewing Products, please register your software product through our online system. 

Customer registration and contact information was not provided to us by Echidna Sewing Products.  

Unfortunately, we have been unable to notify many of these Generations owners of vital software updates, upgrades and USB dongle drivers which allow your software system to operate properly on newer computer systems. 

To register your Generations Automatic Digitizing System, please CLICK HERE


Why is it important that you register?

If your software copy is not registered under your name, technically and legally, you are not licensed to use the software. Registering the software in your name protects your legal rights regarding the use of the software product. 

How a Software License Works

License registration tools and services provide the means for presenting a software developer's software licenses (also known as an End-User License Agreement, or EULA) to an end user as well as facilitating the transfer of required registration information and consent to the license.

Successfully registering a software application activates the software for legal use by the end user.

The EULA is a legal agreement between the two parties. While no two EULAs are exactly the same, a typical EULA, whether it comes in the boxed software from your local store or attached to an Internet download of an application, states that only the person or organization registering the software is granted permission to use the software. 


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