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What is automatic digitizing software for and why is Generations better?

Automatic digitizing software was developed to aid in the designing and stitch processing of images. The premier software systems of the past for the home embroidery industry are reaching their limits and since these limits are being realized, it was necessary to develop a new base to build upon. Generations is the newest, most advanced, and most expandable system available. Completely redesigned, it utilizes technology to make it the software that grows with the industry. It is completely upgradeable with Windows and is one of the only systems designed to work on Windows 98, 2000, NT, and XP.

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Who is Notcina?

Notcina Corporation is a company with a mission to bring you the best new developments from the commercial, industrial, artistic, and hobbyist areas of computerized embroidery and sewing. Our core developers from a division of Notcina Corporation were part of the development team (both in the programming and conceptual development) of the previous quality automatic digitizing systems.

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What machines is Generations compatible with?

Generations is able to read and write to virtually every format in the home and commercial industry, including Tajima, Brother, Dos, Janome, Viking, and many more.

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Where is Generations sold?

Generations is available at dealers worldwide. For a complete list of authorized dealers, contact us or visit the dealer locator section on the website.

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What about training and support?

All authorized dealers will be able to train and support Generations users. Educators through Notcina Corporation will have Generations seminars at retreats and other similar events. In addition, your full Generations software packages comes complete with a Tutorial CD containing a printable workbook and Generations educational department places lessons and projects on the project pages on a regular basis.

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How can I contact Notcina in order to become a dealer?

For more information in becoming a dealer contact us at (636) 784-5800..

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